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The Machine Learning in Medicine working group is an inter-campus collaborative with the goal of bringing together researchers with common interests and complimentary expertise. Investigators from Weill Cornell Medicine and Cornell-Ithaca with interest in machine learning applied to clinical questions/data will have the opportunity to learn about each member's work, begin collaborations, co-mentor students and co-author grants.

The working group will interact on at least a monthly basis via a series of web-based lectures given by individual members of the group. In-person seminars will be organized twice yearly, one in Ithaca and one in NYC. The in-person seminars will have the main goal of offering discussion time to develop project and grant ideas. Finally, we will offer a virtual space for more frequent interaction via productivity apps to facilitate on-going collaborations.

If you are interested in learning more or joining this exciting new initiative, please email Dr. Amy Kuceyeski at

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